Saturday, 16 November 2013

Cheese recipes

One specific reason that I don't like cheese-with-things-in is that I like to do my own thing with cheeses. Just as I don't buy supermarket curries, but prefer to cook my own, I like to make my own cheese preparations. The recipes are simple. I don't do quantities - it's very much 'suck it and see'. In fact, in the case of feta, I don't do recipes - I simply look around to see what we've got in the garden or the store cupboard, and invent something that works.

Brie and walnuts
This is very simple. The only slightly difficult part is holding the wobbly cheese straight while you slice through it horizontally. Then you grab a handful of walnuts, scatter them on the cut side of one half of the Brie, and sandwich it with the other half. Press gently under a weight for a few hours.

Potted Stilton
Mash two parts of Stilton to one part butter. Add a little mustard, and start adding port, till you've got the texture just about right. Pack the mixture into ramekins, then seal with a little melted butter poured over the top.

Really good with thin, crisp, freshly made toast. (Proper toast, not rubbish supermarket sliced white bread in a toaster, please.)

Feta spread
Never buy processed dips and spreads again! Fresh ingredients make life tastier. Feta cheese is a good basis for all kinds of spreads and dips. Simply put the ingredients in a food processor and blitz yourself a good time.
  • feta, walnut, dill, roasted red peppers, olive oil
  • feta, black olives, oregano, olive oil
  • lemon, fresh mint, garlic, olive oil
Yogurt can be added to make the mix a little lighter and more liquid.

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