Friday, 15 July 2011

The stinky cheese trick

I love a strong cheese, but the problem is that sometimes, with time they develop to become just too strong, almost burning your tongue. Then, a lot of people are tempted to throw them away.

However, there's a little trick I've been taught by my Ugly Frog (that is, my significant other, who still has to turn into a prince). Simply use an equivalent amount of butter - and miraculously, the strength of the cheese seems to disappear while the other flavours remain.

I have a number of recipes for potted cheese which take a strong cheese such as Stilton and mix it with butter, and I've always thought they were just there to make a more spreadable cheese. But now I'm wondering if they are English ways of achieving the same result - moderating the raw power of an older cheese while retaining the most of the flavour?

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